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The list of the best cardio you can use.

 The cardio exercise is that kind of exercise where you feel your blood warm and your breathing fast and this thing makes your heart work better and your lungs also work so hard to give you the O2 that you need to keep your workup, and this kind of work-out helps you to lose some fats.

In this article, am will give you some cardio exercises that are the best to do.

1- Fast running.

Running is known to be the most famous cardio that almost everyone does but here we would like you to run fast to use the HIIT method, run at full speed for 30 seconds and walk for 20 sec for a period of 5 to 10 minutes, this will make you get the full benefits of running and also this will boost your hormones production.

2- Jumping rope.

Another high-intensity cardio, one of the best cardio that you can do at home, it can make you lose up to 1000 calories for 1h and also help you to build some muscles in your body as glutes, calves, and shoulders, and also abs. 

Gym and weight loss experts highly recommend this cardio cause of its high benefits, but also make sure to avoid overdoing it.

3- Swiming.

Another great exercise but experts recommending some tips for us to get the best of it, which are :

– Swim in the morning before eating.

– Swim harder and faster.

– Switch up your swim routine.

– Swim four to five days a week.

Those are the best 3 cardio that everyone can do, and if anyone wants to get the best result and the best benefits of these cardio exercises, you must change from the high intensity and the low intensity, and keep changing between them.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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