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The importance of sleep for the workout.

 Many people have no idea how important sleep is for your workout routine; some researchers have studied the impact of sleep and how it’s related to muscle gains. They found that the guy who sleeps for a good number of hours and during the nighttime has more muscles than the other guy who loves staying late. 

For this reason, we will explain why we had that result between the two guys and also try to convince you if you love to stay up.

sleep importance

1) Fewer sleep hours mean lousy performance.

It’s logical that when you sleep less, you will be exposed to performing horribly in the gym and feel non-motivated all the time. 

That will make you waste your time without making any progress without mentioning; you will feel tired much quicker, and even if you got to be motivated somehow, you wouldn’t be able to keep the progress for a long time.

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2) Non-balanced hormones in your body.

When you sleep, your body starts the renovation work, and all the hormones will be non-balanced due to the lack of sleep; some hormones that we need in the muscle gain process also will be harmed if you don’t get your rest hours, such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone.

3) Less muscle gain or non.

As we have said, your body will not produce the growth hormone we need to repair and build up the muscles worked during exercise. In other words, you won’t get to achieve your workout goals.

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4) Some other problems you may suffer.

Besides all the things mentioned above, the lack of sleep still has some other problems you may suffer. Those problems are mood changes, an increase in stress hormones, including cortisol, and an increase in the ratings of perceived exertion.


Tips on how you will be able to get an excellent sleeping time.

One) Make sure you tire yourself out at the gym.

If you reach the stage of muscle failure in the gym, all your muscles will be looking for rest to rejuvenate. 

That will push you to sleep deeply that night; believe me; you will not remember the moment you slept or the last thought that came to your mind before falling asleep.

Especially if you follow that intense workout with a warm bath that relaxes your muscles, you will have a great night’s sleep.

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Two) Eat your Magnesium supplement, or drink milk.

Magnesium is essential for athletes, especially in the drying stage, and it’s known that the intensity of hunger does not let them sleep.

All he has to do is avoid drinking any caffeine 6 hours before bed, then eat a magnesium pill, and he will sleep well without any insomnia.

If he does not have magnesium supplements, he can take milk before bed; although it is not a good step, it is better than not sleeping.

three) Just avoid caffeine.

When you avoid caffeine for 6 hours before bedtime, you will find it very easy to sleep, and nothing will stop you from that (caffeine).

Coffee and tea are among the most famous things that contain caffeine, but they are not the only ones, especially in the gym.

Many nutritional supplements contain caffeine, so be sure to read the supplement’s ingredients before consuming it, and if it contains caffeine, we apply the 6-hour rule to it as well.

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Four) no screen time before bedtime.

Phones, computers, and televisions, believe me, even the lights should be turned off for an hour before bedtime.

All of the above releases a type of ray called blue lights, and these lights trick our brains into thinking it’s morning, thus disrupting our biological clock and making us unable to sleep usually.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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