The best diet tips for housewives. 7 among the best tips.

Hello lady, I hope you feel well, this article will provide you some tips on how you make a great diet, especially if you’re a housewife.

1- Wake up early in the morning.

If you’re a housewife you will sure have a full schedule and if you want to take some time for yourself and your health you will have to wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning and try to do some work-out during it, or plan for your diet and cook your healthy food for the rest of the day.

2- Drink more water.

The more water you drink the healthier you get, so if you want to have good health try at least to drink 

  • About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women according to Mayo Clinic

 And by selecting a good time for drinking water you will be able to help your diet progress and make it reach its max levels, for example drinking 2 cups before having lunch will make you feel full and let you stick more with the eating habits you made.

3- Reduce Salt and Sugar.

Salt counting Sodium and by having big amounts of it in our body we can suffer from a lot of problems as high blood pressure, heart disease,  kidney stones, Osteoporosis. In order to avoid all of those problems, you have to reduce the salt in your diet.

Sugar is one of the main reasons for obesity so we have to make in mind that we must fight sugar consummation during our diet, besides all of the health problems that sugar can cause like diabetes, acne, heart, and kidney disease, cancer.

4- Kill alcohol and smoking

Everyone knows that both alcohol and smoking are very bad for human health, you don’t need to start a healthy life to avoid them, for alcohol can cause digestive disorders, damage to the brain and nervous system, damage to hormonal performance. and also for smoking accelerated aging, affects fertility and pregnancy, cancer, lung and heart disease.

5- Start tracking your eating habits.

The most problem that faces people to keep going with their diet is the lack of tracking, what do we mean by tracking your food is to see the quality and quantity of eaten food, and also you have to watch the time that you eat your food within.

For example, you must avoid constant eating cause it makes your Insulin production height all the time, and this is very bad cause it will prevent you from losing weight.

6- Focus on your calorie quality.

If you want to get fat make sure you eat the healthy ones, that you can find in nuts, fish, olive, and its oil. and for carbohydrates, you have to eat fruits, vegetables, milk, legumes. and also proteins you have to eat eggs, dairy products, almonds, oats.

The main idea here is to kill other unhealthy resources such as soft drinks, chocolate, sugar, fast food, fries.

7- Don’t weigh yourself constantly.

You need to make in your mind that the process of losing weight will take a long time, and if you weigh yourself constantly you will just get depressed, instead make 1 day in the week and watch your progress during that day only.

The best time to do that will be in the morning after you go to the bathroom and clear your body from excrement that can make you weigh extra grams.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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