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Some ways to increase your testosterone level, get better results.

Testosterone is the male hormone that helps to get men’s traits, especially during puberty. Testosterone is considered a building hormone which means both men and women have it, but we find it at a higher level in men; this explains why it’s easier for them to build muscles than women.

This article will give you some scientific ways to increase the Testosterone hormone.

increase your testosterone

1) Loss of weight.

A recherche has been made and found that people who suffer from obesity have the lowest hormone levels. Therefore, we recommend that everyone who wants to increase his testosterone level keep his body fat percentage between 15% and 10%, Mentioning that the low fat in your body also affects you in a wrong way.

If you lose that fat, you will get a double testosterone doze. One will come from the hormone increase and another from your confidence about your new shape.

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2) Sleep more at night.

Good rest and quality sleep time help us to produce more testosterone hormones at a balanced and continuous rate.

Sleep also helps you repair the muscles and eliminate fatigue and stress.

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3) Make sure you balance your nutrition.

The lack of nutrients in your body will lead to deficient testosterone levels. According to some recherche has been made found that, vitamin D, Zinc, and also healthy fats are necessary for the processes of producing testosterone hormone.

  • You will find vitamin D in the sun rays, salmon, fish, and eggs, or you can take some supplements.
  • And for Zinc, you can get it from consuming red meat, legumes, and nuts.
  • We can find healthy fats in oils, especially olive oil, fish, and nuts. 

4) Avoid stress.

Stress stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol, and the secretion of this hormone leads to problems in testosterone production. Therefore, try to clear your mind of tension and keep calm always.

You can try doing yoga exercises, a warm bath, or any other technique that works for you.

And even if you don’t want to increase your testosterone level by the way you have to avoid stress and get rid of it.

Also, at this point, if you’re staying home all day long, you must go out and get some sun to get some vitamin D. If you still don’t want to go out and have a walk, you can get vitamin D complement.

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5) weight lifting. 

Referring to a study published in Springer, men who lift weights can notice a rise in testosterone levels. Still, resistance training gives a better result for women, according to The National Library of Medicine study.

And all kinds of exercises boost the testosterone level for both men and women, But effectiveness varies between men and women in some training.

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6) make sure you’re not taking any estrogen-like products.

Well, suppose we want to boost testosterone. In that case, we must limit the estrogen hormone in our body, and it’s pretty funny cause there are a lot of products we use daily that contain estrogen. Still, we are talking about medicines, drinks, and nutritional supplements here.

If the estrogen we eat isn’t natural and comes from vegetables, meats, and eggs, we might harm our hormone balance; therefore, we must be super careful and read all the foods we consume daily.

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Written by Merouane Benlefki

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