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Some advice for you in the bulking stage.

In the bulking stage, people try to gain muscles and weight without gaining extra fat. Then, they start treating their bodies differently to get great results by raising their calorie intake by 500 or 700 extra calories and keep training and adding additional weights in the gym.

Well, that was the general definition of bulking, but how do we get the best results? Well, let us go deeper into this article.

bulking mass

1) Add 500 calories to your basic needs.

Before you become able to add the calories, you have to calculate your raw calorie intake or at least try to make the closest number possible for it, and for that, you will need to use this website called

When you log there, insert your gender and your weight, tall, and also age; at the end, select the activity amount you do per day, and the website will take care of calculating your daily needs.

And you will become able to know what is the number of calories you will take during your bulking stage.

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2) Don’t make a long mass period.

Make sure to do a maximum of 3 to 4 months of bulking, and don’t go with dirty bulking; keep it in clean bulking only. Otherwise, you will have to keep doing the cutting period for a long, long time, suffer from diet and cardio to lose the extra fat, and lose muscle mass too.

If you keep bulking for more than four months, you will lose the ability to cut fats from your body quickly, and you will have to train yourself again on that skill.

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3) Eat protein.

You have to eat all of your protein needs during bulking cause it will give your body amino acids, which will help the body build muscles and assist in recovery. 

And also, it improves performance in the gym; if you made sure you had all of your protein needs, expect a mister Olympia performance that day.

Eat 2g of protein for every kilogram of your body weight.

4) Don’t forget your Cardio exercises

During bulking, weight lifting in the gym is significant for us to see the results that we want, but ignoring the cardio exercises is soo wrong.

Cause of the cardio benefits, such as improving the body’s blood circulation, heart safety, and metabolism, at least once a week will be better than nothing.

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5) Get the best recovery

If you want to call your bulking stage a successful stage, you have to make sure that you had a significant recovery period and remarkable recovery. Therefore, you will have to follow this advice.

  • Make sure you eat your meal that contains carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, vitamins, and food minerals.
  • Eat a good amount of carbohydrates before and after the workout.
  • Please don’t underestimate your sleep, especially during bulking, cause it’s the main thing in the recovery besides good nutrition.

6) Be sure to reach the stage of muscle failure.

Stage of muscle failure comes when we train the muscle until she says enough for today; a familiar saying among gym people says make your body shake, and this is what we want to do.

Training the muscle way beyond its capacity is something only great people do. Once they asked Ali Klay how many push up you could do, he answered 8 or 10; the interviewer was shocked and told him how? he said I don’t count how many pushes up or any other exercise reps until I feel that I am at my limits; then when I start to count to see how far I could push my limit that day.

Yeah, just like Ali guys, destroy that muscle for real, then don’t come to the gym the next day if you don’t feel like going there.

7) focus on both active and passive sides of the exercises.

Each exercise has two phases. The first phase is known as the active side, where we use the muscle to push or pull the weight in the gym; everyone respects this side of the exercise, to be honest.

Well, the passive side is the problem here. Only professional people actually respect it, so you must respect both exercise phases if you want to gain more and have a successful bulk.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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