Man boobs (gynecomastia), things you need to know.

We need to know what we mean by gynecomastia, which is an increase in the breast gland tissue for men, and this problem could be because of a hormonal imbalance of estrogen and Testosterone. 

Any hormone of these two that get more or less than normal levels will be causing men’s breasts.

This imbalance can affect men in some age groups very naturally, as it’s characterized by a hormonal imbalance during that period of life, during infants, puberty, and adults.

This defect also affects athletes who use synthetic hormones to gain muscle mass, and we can make a complete list of possible reasons for getting diagnosed with the man boobs, such as :

  1. Malnutrition or recovering from malnutrition.
  2. Some problems that may affect the body are genetic defects such as Klinefelter syndrome, problems in the testicles such as injuries or infections, or insufficient blood flow to them because of twists.
  3. Other diseases include kidney failure, increased thyroid activity, or some tumours that change the hormonal nature of the body.
  4. Some medications, such as blood pressure or antibiotics, and stomach ulcers. We also find in the list drugs such as heroin and marijuana.

We must also point out that there are two types of men’s boobs: the pathological condition called gynecomastia and the natural disorder resulting from the natural increase in weight, where the main thing is fat and not breast tissue.

Men boobs (gynecomastia)

1) how do I know what kind of man boobs I have?

First thing you must be the first question you will think about, you will have to reduce your weight first, try to achieve the 13% body fat or 15% don’t be brought on yourself, this will make the process easier, use your hand and touch your boobs exactly the nipple.

If you suffer from gynecomastia, you will feel a soft lump in one or both breasts. 

The tumour size may vary in the breast and may not be the same in both breasts; you can feel a big lump in one and almost nothing in the other. That is very normal, but if you think it’s a solid chunk, go to the doctor immediately, as a solid lump may be a cancerous tumour. 

If your nipple feels very sensitive and you feel pain if you touch it or feel it, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

However, in case you do not feel any pain when touching it, you do not feel any tumours as well in your nipple, and your weight is excessive, it is enough for you to lose weight to get rid of this problem, but be careful and lose weight as soon as possible.

Obesity is the first leading cause of gynecomastia because weight gain increases estrogen, which causes the problem; it is better to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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2) Where do I don’t have to worry about gynecomastia?

As we have said at the beginning, a man’s boob is expected at some age because of hormonal conditions.

  • In infants (0 to 3 weeks) more than 70% of newborns suffer naturally from gynecomastia due to the estrogen of their mom. And the swelling disappears naturally after 2 to 3 weeks from the date of birth.
  • Puberty ( 15 to 19 years old) during puberty, our body undergoes many hormonal changes, and it’s very natural to get affected with gynecomastia. Generally, the tissue will go away without treatment within six months to 2 years.
  • The adults (50 to 80 years old). When men get old, the hormone of testosterone goes to deficient levels; however, men of this age are between 24% and 65% more likely to be affected.


3) What do I do if I want to get rid of it?

The first thing you have to do to solve any problem is to know the source of it; in our case, the reason can be doping or excessive drug and alcohol abuse, and for those two, we can fix the problem by stopping and quitting doing these things.

If you take any medicine from this list, it’s also can be the reason for your man boobs:

  • Medicines to treat enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Some types of AIDS medicines
  • Tricyclic antidepressants.
  • Certain types of anti-anxiety medication, such as diazepam.
  • Some types of antibiotics.
  • Some heart medications, such as digoxin.
  • Gastric motility drugs, such as metoclopramide.

In case you are in the age of infant(your kid) or puberty, you have nothing to worry about cause during those three ages, it’s normal for you to suffer from gynecomastia, and you will get cured naturally after some time. However, if you are overweight, you will have to start thinking about losing some fat to avoid having this problem in the future or stop its progress if it’s already started in you.

Sometimes, you will have to visit a doctor to solve your problem. In critical cases, if you feel pain or it affects your self-confidence, first of all, you will have to take a test on your blood to see your hormone levels; This will make the doctor know how he can help you.

In some cases, treatment with medication may not be successful, and the tumour remains intractable. So here we will have to go to the final solution, surgery.

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4) Surgery.

In most cases, the patient recovers without surgery, so be reassured. Still, if the doctor mentions the surgery, there is no need to panic cause it’s a straightforward surgery, and you will recover from it in no time.

The surgery has two sections.


The principle of this operation is liposuction, meaning getting rid of the fatty tissue in the breast, but this surgery does not affect the breast gland itself.


In this process, we will remove the breast’s glandular tissue itself, and this operation will be after the doctor makes tiny incisions or cuts, and the patient does not need a long time to recover.

After the surgery, you will be able to get back to your work after a few days if you work in the office and less than two months if you’re working in construction or any other work that requires great physical effort. So, in the end, your doctor will give you the execution time.

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Written by Merouane Benlefki

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