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Does weight lifting affect your tall during youth?

 We hear this almost every day, but the question still presents here is, does weight lifting affect your tall during youth? You can also hear that training basketball between 10 to 20 years will help you to increase your height, and if you go to the gym, you will fix your height or even get shorter.

In this article, we will take this subject and try to discover the truth of that phrase.

Well, this is a big mistake cause basketball players are very tall from the beginning, and they are selected for that reason, and the gym short guy is short from the beginning cause gym helps you to get taller if you trained there and not shorter as the myth says.

1) growth hormone 

Exercising helps to secrete growth hormone in the body, which is the hormone responsible for increasing height and gaining virility.

So, in general, exercising helps to get taller in youth and doesn’t slow it or stop it, but under some conditions, we will talk about them now.

2) Sleep.

We have mentioned in many articles how important sleeping is for athletes; between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am, most of the hormones reach the maximum level in the day, and if you’re not asleep during that time, you will not get the benefit from the rais of the hormone level, which makes your height fixed.

Avoid adult life if you’re under 19 years old for a better life and more centimetres tall.

The importance of sleep for the workout.

3) Bad nutrition

Another reason may be the source of this myth when young kids go to the gym and keep training and working their muscles. Still, they eat unhealthy food only, of course, they won’t get any gains or extra tall for eating chips, it can be better if you eat your homemade meals first and if they want to add an extra unhealthy meal, this won’t be a big problem.

Also, it’s recommended for kids under 19 never to do a calorie deficit in their diet; eat the calories your body needs. Even if you have obesity, it’s a bad idea for you to go to the gym at that age. 

When you become an adult, you can do whatever you want in your diet.

Men boobs (gynecomastia), things you need to know.

4) conclusion.

The main factor which determines how tall you will be is your genetics in the first place cause if your parents both were short people, then in the end and according to genetics, you will be short also.

Also, your destructive behaviours in infancy affect how tall you will be, so stop saying gym and working out is making me short and please focus on other factors, whether you’re smoking cigarettes or one of your parents smoking in front of you or any other stuff like this. 

Focus on your food and meals to ensure they are healthy, and don’t expect growth of both muscles of height by eating that non-sense fast food. Instead, you have to eat a great meal full of nutrition.

Sleep well to let your body get taller; when you sleep, you allow your body to start reparations and building in your body (this is why you want to sleep when you’re sick), so have a good amount of night sleep every day, and you will have that extra height of yours.

You can also apply some tricks to help you increase your growth hormone; you will grow even taller even if you work out. 

I talked about those ways of increasing GH in this article. 5 proven ways to increase growth hormone naturally.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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