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About to make a new year training plan? consider those things.

 In every new year, we can see so many people going to the gym and subscribing there for an entire year, and then guess what? Everyone leaves the gym and never goes again until the following year’s wave. 

Well, first of all, you have to know that you’re a beginner no matter how many years you started working out in the new year this isn’t enough knowledge for you, so I would like you to read this article carefully and try to work with those advises that am will tell you now.

new year training plan

Many people may stop going to the gym for different reasons; It can be because of an injury, because they don’t see any results, or even because of a lack of motivation.

So will give you some steps and advice that you may already know but will remind you to start using them for real we hope you stay long enough in the gym so you keep going all year.

1) Warming up 

To avoid injuries, you have to ensure that you have warmed up very well; otherwise, you may suffer from bad damage, and you will be far away from the gym for a particular time, where you can lose your gains or even your motivation. Furthermore, you will be unable to keep training after that.

Warm-up using some light cardio and some stretch exercises can be enough for you to avoid injury.

2) You’re not in a pro-level chill.

We want to say that you don’t have to start directly in the high-level diet and workout program. 

Pro athletes keep working in the gym for many days and years, and you can’t just copy their style from the first day; this can get you an injury cause of the complex exercises, and you will have a problem keeping up with your diet.

Before you start, try going to the gym coach and give him your state without lies. And he will provide you with the right program, and you will surely see the results.

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3) Important Diet talk.

As we have mentioned in the previous part, you can’t use a program that isn’t built for you, the same thing for the diet, you can’t just google about some 3000-calorie program, and your capacity is only 2400. 

So this will make you unable to lose weight cause you’re taking in more calories than you need.

If your goal is to gain muscles, this can help you to gain muscles. But, please don’t get me wrong, but you will be in the dirty bulk, making you suffer later when you think about starting a cutting program.

4) Find your gym partner.

If you find someone from your local gym and both of you in the same level in the workout, then bingoo, you officially have found the most significant motivation resource. 

You will be able to go every day to the gym knowing there is someone in the same conditions as you, and you will start a competition even if it’s not announced publicly. 

This will leads at the end of you to make better progress than you would have imagined.

And this partner can give you some courage on the days when you don’t want to work out and help you beat all of the negative ideas you have in your mind.

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5) Pay attention to your rest.

Rest is an essential thing during the workout. If you don’t get enough rest, you won’t be able to recover, and you will be powerless and unable to do a single exercise without feeling like you’re about to die.

You must sleep 8 hours a day at a minimum if you’re working out, and it must be at night to benefit from everything; you don’t have to work out 7/7. You can go for only two days a week, and then you can go for three days after you get used to it. 

Don’t ever dare train the whole week; this will make you suffer, and you won’t gain any.

If you could control your sleep and rest days, you’re almost there; just keep up the excellent job.

6) First, get to know your body.

In the first days, you will have to know your body and start exploring it muscle by muscle. 

Then, you will see which muscle is strong enough in your daily life, and you won’t have to focus on it; you will also have to see how your body responds to your diet and workout routine. 

You may not understand what I am saying right now, but during your time in the gym, you will know that people are built differently, and everyone must explore himself to get the best result possible.

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7) Watch your progress.

Well, at this point, I want to say that you have to make sure that you select the best way to watch your progress. 

Some people use the scale as their only way; you can use it as a method of taking weekly pictures, or you can use the body fat calculations directly.

Using only the scale can give you wrong results cause the scale will provide you with both muscle and fat weight, and you won’t get the exact result.

Written by Merouane Benlefki

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