8 Reasons why you must cut sugar from your life!

Hello there. Nice to have you here. Everyone knows how dangerous sugar is for the human body; This is what we learn from the age of 7 when our parents start telling us about it.

Almost no human on earth spends an entire day without eating sugar, which is an exciting fact. Sugar is the human body’s main power source, yet we must be careful how it is used.

By providing some solutions you can follow to reduce sugar consumption and some of the results you will notice if you decide to stop consuming sugar heavily, We will help you to begin your journey to quit sugar.

Here are eight reasons why you must cut sugar from your life.

Sugar danger

1) Too much sugar can make us gain weight.

Gaining weight is not the result we want, of course, and yet we must consider that gaining extra weight can happen if we consume too much sugar.

Sugar is known to be easy to absorb calories. Therefore, consuming much sugar daily can harm us instead of helping us.

We are witnessing an alarming rise in obesity rates around the world. The main reason for all this is the excessive consumption of sugars and the lack of movement.

We must admit that we have misunderstood the concept of luxury. For example, spending hours on the phone while watching a series with many sweet things to eat next to us, and when the movie ends, only God knows how much of them we have eaten.

Well, fructose sugar stimulates the feeling of hunger during the day strongly. And it is one of the most dangerous types of sugar for the human body.

Fructose is everywhere in Grape Juice, Cola, Sweetened Cranberries, and Salad Dressings. Therefore, avoiding excessive consumption of it today must be our goal.

Also, high fructose consumption can cause Leptin resistance, the hormone that regulates hunger throughout the day; this means that your appetite will not be limited to the main meals. Still, you will become hungry during the entire day. And it will cause you obesity sooner or later.

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2) Increase heart disease. 

Heart disease is the number one cause of death around the world. Research has also linked higher rates of heart disease to people who consume high sugar levels daily.

We have already mentioned that vast amounts of sugar will cause us obesity. Let me add to that Infection, Cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 

All the results we mentioned earlier are among the leading causes of heart disease besides atherosclerosis.

We took a sample of 30,000 people and made them a study subject. We have found that people with a diet consisting of 20% of sugar had a greater risk of heart attacks than those whose diet consisted of less than 10% of sugar.

3) Increase diabetes chances.

Diabetes has spread worldwide recently, and the main reason for this must be high sugar consumption.

High consumption of sugar for long periods causes insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance significantly increases blood sugar levels, leading us to develop type 2 diabetes.

Some studies have indicated that consuming soda and high-sugar soft drinks daily increases the possibility of developing diabetes.

What we can understand here is that high sugar intake causes negative results. These are obesity and insulin resistance, two of the biggest causes of diabetes.

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4) Bost aging process.

Wrinkles and aging are inevitable consequences, but we don’t want to have them in our 30s. However, poor diets can speed up this process and let these wrinkles appear.

Eating very rich carbohydrates and sugars food will make you look older; When we observed a group of women who followed two different diets. One contains a high amount of sugars, and the other is a high-protein and low-sugar diet.

We noticed that women who took a large amount of sugar had more visible wrinkles than women who followed the other diet.

Advanced glycation end-products (ages) are proteins or lipids that become glycated due to exposure to sugars. Several researchers have suspected the role of these products in accelerating the aging process.

Collagen and Elastin are proteins that help stretches the skin and keep its shape. When the production of these two hormones is disrupted, the skin begins to sag and lose its consistency. 

5) Make you feel depressed.

Eating a healthy diet will make you happy and improve your mood, while the opposite happens when you eat an unhealthy diet rich in sugars.

After conducting studies on more than 8000 people, the researchers found that there is a strong relationship between the consumption of sugar in high quantities and high levels of depression.

Sugar addiction is like any other addiction on the planet. Our minds become unstable, especially in this case, because the level of addiction to sugar equals addiction to cocaine.

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6) Tooth decay.

Mostly everyone had to suffer from dental problems and decay, especially in childhood. Where we attend to learn that eating sweets is not allowed, we have to wash our teeth twice a day, and many other rules that we must adhere to.

Day after day, we stop following these harsh rules of curbing sugars and daily washing of the teeth, leading our teeth to decay again in an advanced stage of life.

Tooth loss can affect a person in many aspects, and it will prevent us from being confident in ourselves and our laughter, especially if we are talking in front of a large group of people.

We will also be deprived of the enjoyment of our food. For example, we cannot eat cold things to avoid pain. We cannot eat hot food to avoid pain. We also avoid eating somewhat stiff things to prevent pain.

7) Liver diseases.

Consuming lactose increases the risk of developing liver diseases such as Fatty Liver. Fructose is not broken down in the intestine like other nutrients, but the process of breaking it down is entrusted to the liver.

The liver is responsible for converting fructose into energy for our body and storing it in the form of glycogen, and this is what causes to development fatty liver.

A study of about 6000 people found that people who drink soft drinks daily had a 56 percent higher chance of developing fatty liver.

8) Others.

It is impossible to limit all the harms of sugar to only eight things, and it is also impossible to mention them all in one article.

But some other risks are no less significant than the above, including:

  1. Loss of focus.
  2. High incidence of gout.
  3. Kidney stones.
  4. The appearance of acne.
  5. Increased risk of cancer.
  6. Less energy during the day.

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Tips for Cutting Down on Sugar.

Reduce sweeteners in your foods, whether sugar (white and brown) or honey. For example, eat pancakes with less honey next time and your sweet coffee. Try to reduce the sugar a little next time.

Cut the soda; these drinks are a crime we commit against ourselves, so let’s drink more water next time as a remedial step for the damages that have already accumulated.

Reduce sweetness during your day. For example, if you are watching your soccer match with a soda can in your hand, try now to watch it while you eat sugar-free gum and water, you will get rid of the anxiety because of the gum, and you will get rid of your bad habits.

You cannot eliminate this habit that has taken root within you in a short period. I mean that the accumulation of this habit ten years ago or more must be eliminated in 10 months, not ten days.

Replace your high sugar addiction with protein. Eating a lot of protein stimulates the feeling of satiety. This will make us not think about eating sugars for extended periods and help us overcome that.


After seeing in this article how many bad things sugar can make us suffer from, we must think again about our daily sugar intake. I am sure no one on earth will be happy to destroy his health using his own hands.

A week after cutting sugar, you will notice an increase in your happiness. This is because no more sugar will make your mind look for other dopamine sources, making us happy since our brains start to work usually again.

No more cola means we can save some money. We can spend that on water or some healthy snacks. 

Remember, you can’t break habits without replacing them with other ones. 

Success will be on your side. Since you have committed to cutting out sugar, you gain the commitment and self-discipline needed for your success.

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Written by Merouane Benlefki

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